Add a Free Check-IT Report to Your Lansweeper Trial

Increase the Value of your IT Data

The free Check-IT report from License Dashboard offers valuable insight into hardware and software data reported by your Lansweeper platform. A Lansweeper 30-day trial license with a free Check-IT report can be requested by completing the form on this page.

Check-IT is free to all Lansweeper users, including those who have activated their 30-day free trial license. Once Lansweeper is activated, License Dashboard will analyze the data and produce a simple report – like this example – that details the health of the software and hardware being used by your employees.


  • Which software installations can be removed to reduce costs
  • Software deployments approaching end of life
  • The age of all hardware and software assets
  • The warranty status of each software install
  • Where anti-virus is deployed or missing
  • Outstanding issues within Active Directory

Check-IT from License Dashboard boosts the value of your Lansweeper data by helping you understand obsolescence challenges and risks so you can act on them, identifying overspend, therefore revealing potential cost savings and by increasing transparency of IT assets for full visibility of the estate.